Yesterday I didn’t blag


It’s a thing.

You could interpret it as pretending to know or be better at something than you are.


Today I was told that my lack of competence in a meeting I was chairing wasn’t apparent until I told everyone that I wasn’t sure what I was doing.


I love being honest.


I hate it when people pretend.

When there is a pretence that I am better

Or faster

Or cleverer

Than I really am.


You see,

When people portray an image of themselves

That is pumped-up to twice their real size


Everyone else feels unsettled;



Many years ago,

I was supporting a patient through several sessions of psychotherapy.

He told me about his life experiences

And I listened,






I revealed to him

That he was my first patient;

That was a little time ago.


It is important to be open, to say what is.




Just leads to tears.


Maybe ten years before that (I am talking the late 80’s)

It was in a history class;

I was explaining something about the Romans,

Why or what they did to the Kingdom of Judea in ancient times.


Then again,

I paused,


And announced, ‘I don’t really know what I am saying’


Honesty is the best policy,

My mum would always say.


Yet, we live in a world that rewards superfice.


I look tanned, as if,

My hair is dark, as if,

My car is bigger, as if.


All that kind of posturing.


We aren’t much more advanced



of Lyre birds.


If evolution is based on show, perhaps, that is the way to go?


Is this concern with the concrete a distraction?


Shouldn’t we all


Pose with fake hair, teeth and bellies.

Shouldn’t we all make-believe.

Isn’t that Hollywood?



Another memory,

My teacher Naomi,

One of the most incredible people I have ever known;

She was artist and scientist,




And friend.


During a classroom discussion we talked about

The pros

And cons

Of being an actor.


‘How hard it must be to be someone you aren’t,

At what point is there a risk of slipping out of yourself,

Forgetting who you are, losing your point of origin.’


I have carried this with me

Over the years.


I remember visiting her

during the period of her mourning

for lost

beautiful daughter

who died

from a surgical accident.


It is a whirl

Of past and present;


Standing tall,




Is the essence of honesty,

of openness



I am what I am;

sum id quod sum.







Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

One thought on “Yesterday I didn’t blag

  1. An integrated person with a strong personal core.
    Fortunate in your mother and teacher.
    Having learnt by experience to be ‘ acceptable ‘, maybe now with age some others of us can be more fully what we are ( crazy old person – though that seems still like somewhat of an excuse!).

    Liked by 1 person

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