What did yesterday teach me?

Well, a few things; probably. Lesson one: This first one won’t apply to everyone, although, if like me you are in middle-age clutter, at times overwhelmed by too much, consider daily reduction. Every day get rid of one thing, item of clothing, utensil, book you no longer need – reduce, reuse and recycle. This shouldContinue reading “What did yesterday teach me?”

Someone I know

He looks So very like someone I know.   A man. I don’t really know them Other than I am aware I Dislike them.   Where do you begin When considering not quite Doppelgangers But similars?   In the winter I took a photo of a pitta-bread maker in Jaffa Who looked just like myContinue reading “Someone I know”

Superficial analysis of complexity

It Keeps everyone happy; Like Freewheeling downhill having forgotten your repair kit.   Focusing excessively on the details, Holding Too thick a lens up to what is small Can sometimes Slow us down, Keep us back, Postpone the inevitable.   I prefer to skip, Skeeter Over the surface; Jittery they call me When things areContinue reading “Superficial analysis of complexity”

How do I put it aside?

My family gathered last night for another season of Strictly. I tried. Honestly. Most years I don’t even join them in the room; Last night I balanced on the settee, albeit with my laptop for comfort and half and half sat through contestants spiralling onto the screen amidst glitz and glamour. Well, the inevitable happened;Continue reading “How do I put it aside?”

Left and Right; Time for a tax?

I think I have provided an evolutionary explanation for the existence or right and left; Democrat and Republican, Whig and Tory. (here). I suspect the caveat is that in our modern society these inherited advantages break-down; they can and seemingly do become counter-productive. I’ll take as an example food and fat. We evolved to live in smallContinue reading “Left and Right; Time for a tax?”


I’ve written before about our local pond; mostly my observations about ducks and their offspring, oh, and there was the slightly ungainly goose I named Ewan. There isn’t much to it; a round of tired concrete, a few benches with surrounding cherry and sycamores. Old folk sit, the ice-cream man visits at weekends when theContinue reading “Bread”