How do I put it aside?

My family gathered last night for another season of Strictly.

I tried.


Most years I don’t even join them in the room;

Last night I balanced on the settee, albeit with my laptop for comfort and half and half sat through contestants spiralling onto the screen amidst glitz and glamour.

Well, the inevitable happened; after ten or fifteen minutes of showbiz, I retreated to reading Stephen King’s latest book, The Outsider. (If anyone has read this, please don’t tell me what happens!)

Have I failed my family? Society?

What the heck is wrong with me?

I know my mum, if she were still here, would have been watching, my dad too. It is hypnotic candyfloss. Yet, I preferred the confines of my Kindle.

An easy out would be to blame genetics, but, as I say, both my parents would likely have been there.

The only explanation is my twisted experience and perception, all of my own making.

No one to blame but myself.



2 thoughts on “How do I put it aside?

  1. And I thought the man behind the counter at W H Smith and I were the only ones in the world who don’t watch Strictly …….. he does watch the football apparently though!

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