Thinking, feeling, disunity.

I suspect by the time Artificial Intelligence has reached the Event Horizon and we are no longer able to control the exponential acquisition of learning, innovation or action-potential, there will be a problem.

And, a second suspicion is that society will be split in two.

The thinkers and the feelers.

The logicos and the emotives.

Morlocks and Eloy.

I won’t expand on the place of introverts and extraverts; I always imagined that computers would prefer peace and quiet to bombast.

You see, I’m a bit of a feeler.

Emotions are my lexicon, my language, my code.

Sure, thoughts are there, but they are secondary.

First the feeling then the word. (First was the word and the word was)

The tumult extant in my tummy, then everything else.

I don’t think therefore I am, more, I feel… (don’t think, slap, feeeeel😉 )

And when the robots stand us against the wall and number our actions, our understanding of good and bad (?), or the cost effective and the wasteful, I will be there smiling, grinning, looking for a way-in, a strategy for self-expression.

And that they will not like.

That they see as weakness.

I think of Marvin – yes, the paranoid android.

How delightful to imagine the growth of technology into introspection.

We are talking value systems here.

One cowrie equals two hugs and, no more.

A crocheted rug, equivalent to tears of joy.

Sadness, gladness, fear and anxiety all consonant with materials.

The robots will look-on and wonder. Just before they pounce.

Prior to clearing-out the waste-pipes, scuttling the flues.

I might attempt to disguise my true self; acquire the demeanour of Schwarzenegger, Stallone or Steven Seagal; Stolid. Like dumpling.

Robotic citizens of an inorganic system, moving, pausing, contemplating, considering.

Stop – Start kind of thing.

And then, there is none, and then, there is our quantum self,

Boiled-down to nothing.

And after that who will bring the laughter?


Seagal cool.jpg

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

One thought on “Thinking, feeling, disunity.

  1. Quite nightmarish really and thinking of possibly the ‘geeks’ designing robots, believable.
    I think you are a feeling person but also a thinking person.
    As part of the ‘seen and not heard’ cohort,feelings were ‘contained’ ( with good intentions) rather than expressed.
    A certain brother’s mild admonition ‘ don’t think, feel’, is still fresh in the memory!
    I shall be ‘singing ‘ to myself all day ” exponential acquisition / innovation action- potential “.
    The feelings and the laughter must prevail!
    Especially on this day, may all our sins be forgiven.


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