I caused a mini flu-scare this week

I didn’t realise the impact of my actions. Well, it wasn’t quite my actions, more my thoughts, followed by a question and the actions of others. I was called to see a patient; he had a temperature of 38.9, was listless and not his usual self; a little disorientated, he couldn’t pinpoint the cause ofContinue reading “I caused a mini flu-scare this week”

My medical record…

I still haven’t accepted the standard of not writing clinic or outpatient letters to patients, or at the very least copying them into the correspondence. e.g. Dear Mr J, Thank you for attending my clinic this afternoon. It was a pleasure to meet you and… Here is an example: Dear Dr Mulberry I saw yourContinue reading “My medical record…”

Today there was a thing about falls.

Old man. In his nineties, he fell. He fell again after arriving in hospital. What to do with him? He wants to go home; we risk and capacity assess. Determine what is right, good or not and let things happen. We tried to get him home. I can tell you something; he’ll fall again. WeContinue reading “Today there was a thing about falls.”