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What affected me most today?

It is hard to quantify

the significant moments of my day.


I know Each is the same.


We all live lives of stunning colour,


w/ vivid, experience.


For me,

Here is the list:


The early morning welcome of companion, dog-friend, Maisie.

We walk;

Successful avoidance of barking dogs (Alsatian and Rottweiler).


Doris Kearns Goodwin

In the car; currently Franklyn Roosevelt –

Polio paralysis,

rural health camp

and extra-corporeal, leadership morphosis;


At work, events flowed from tearfulness

to cheery handover

and sadness at realisation;



Everything pushed aside

by smile of an old lady,

first fall

then second

then third;

Everyone home, via the CT scanner.


Lying and standing blood pressure –

Would anyone

Expect anything less?


One woman,



Care and provision



Benefiting little from our technological age;


Within a day,

Or two,

She will be dead.


A light extinguished,

Beyond Apple

or Samsung.


In the middle, a smiling

Beautiful encounter


person in her 90’s. (93).


No longer falling,

But benefiting from attention.


I ask her

And her daughter

To rate me.

On a scale of 1 to 10.


One, I am the worst, 10 the best.



Soon after, I am off,

To another assessment,

An evaluation of what I have done,

What I am doing


What I will do.


The day is broken-up

By phone calls

With funeral directors;


Men and women

Doing their best

To ensure

A dignified (timely)

Next step.


Day ends with

Spaghetti Bolognese.







My children amazed

At my inability to take aim,

To shoot;

Likely a reflection

Of my chances in life overall.


I am better-off

Where I am;

Laloux, Proulx and Kafka, Singer, Goleman and Blake,

Fortresses protecting me;

Mantel, Zweig and Nabokov,

Here I come.


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