OK. This might not be the best title for Boxing Day. I can’t get away from it however; Perhaps The writing will help me move-on.   Last night I watched a programme about Tommy Cooper.   Fez Silly jokes & just like that   He was present through my childhood.   His final day Summed-upContinue reading “Death”

Mind wandering & etc.

Earlier today, I was writing about High Definition TV and my thoughts relating to the potential harm it is doing to our senses. Within that blog I mentioned nostalgia. (Here is a separate blog specifically on that subject). The day before I referred to the title of a book of poems by Jack Kerouac –Continue reading “Mind wandering & etc.”


In Glasgow, if you say somebody or something is mental it means little more than whatever they are doing or saying doesn’t make sense. It isn’t pejorative. In the world of health and care where the stigmas of good and bad still at times run rampant, mental can have a different implication. In general, itContinue reading “Mental”

Gum and Gods

Gum Stuck To my shoe Or bottom.   I walk around before realising That the Tackiness Is actually Chewing Gum.   Spat out Or Left behind By somebody.   And now attached to me.   I can’t remember the last time I experienced this; Whether fewer people are chewing Or I am less exposed, IContinue reading “Gum and Gods”