Benjamin, teal and anarchy

I have just listened to a podcast with Benjamin Zephaniah interviewed by Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

They talked about anarchy.

Benjamin prefaced his words with, ‘No one is going to agree with this, and I will offend people on the right and left,’ (I paraphrase). He expressed his preference for anarchy.

Not I believe folk running amok, more, a reversion to how we used to be, back before shopping centres, democracy, TV and central heating. A more honourable, refined, age.

Benjamin provided as an example the response to Grenfell Tower – the main statutory body that provided meaningful action was the fire service, the rest was self-organised, coordinated, instigated; people finding flats, clothing, food, support – the community rallied and protected, long before government had rolled-out its red-carpet.

And so, with teal.

This is the belief that allowing people to join together, to collaborate in meaningful activity will create structure; the governance will stem from our love of doing what is right.

When you explain Benjamin’s view of anarchy or teal to people there is always resistance which for some continues indefinitely, for others becomes part of acceptance and understanding.

‘What if, someone didn’t like you and wanted to hit you?’

‘What if, someone didn’t want to work?’

Two examples, the first concerned with the response to lack of police, the second, reflex to lack of management.

Ironically, if I am out an about, and someone decides to hit me, the existence of the police will not stop them from doing so and, also, if someone at work doesn’t want to work, merely be present or play Candy Crush, the existence of management isn’t going to stop them; sure, you can put-up CCTVs, but there is always some out of the way nook – ask any NHS smoker.

Rules and punishment don’t keep people safe, they don’t stop bad things from happening, they merely allow for a structure, a guiding principle, ultimately what happens depends on doing what is right.

I am with Benjamin.

I say get rid of government, hierarchy, structure.

I’m not a pacifist – there is certainly a difference, and anarchy doesn’t mean chaos – look at Buurtzorg; a national company without central control. How refreshing. No board members deciding what is right, just frontline workers perceiving and delivering.

Ultimately, this will never happen.

Evolution has created humanity that is split; the left and the right will always remain at odds.

Just as we need the lovers – ‘Hey, look at that tribe over there, we could work with them to plow this field.’ There will always be, those to the right, ‘Stay away from those strangers, they want to rob what little we have, and, if they come closer, hit them!’

Society is a cocktail of these two extremes, swirling, mixed-up, for ever.

You can hear the podcast here.


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One thought on “Benjamin, teal and anarchy

  1. Yes, if someone wants to murder Martin Luther King etc , they will do so, laws or not.
    As for evolution of a split humanity, I guess the genetic inheritance is passed on to both types.
    The Benjamin Zephaniah podcast is really interesting, thankyou for the reference!


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