‘As we all die eventually, there is nothing to lose – everything is already lost, so, there is no value in worrying about the future’

Eckhart Tolle

I like this.

It sums-up where I am; at one end of a spectrum of angst and irascibility. What now? What next? When, where, how?

Reflecting on the holidays just passed, I am convinced that this year was different from others;

In Jewish tradition, on Passover (Easter) we ask the question:

‘Why is this night different from other nights?’

The answer being, that on Passover the Angel of Death aka Moloch ha-Movet passed over the houses of the Israelites. We remember.

Why was this year different from any other?

My son asked me this question yesterday and it took me a while to work-out an answer;

I believe this year has been different, for two reasons; the first you might call a micro-event, that is the move towards Brexit. Essentially, 60 Million of us are going through a separation, a divorce, only it’s, worse than partners splitting-up, this is a three-way divide with multiple dead-ends; between those still believing it is a ‘good thing,’ those hoping it won’t happen and everyone else.

You, me, them, those.

Horrid, horrible.

Nasty Nationalism, decadence and disinterest in the fate of others (whether our own poor, our own immigrants, or those now in the Channel).

Yes, this is bad, it is the worst of worst times – I thought that the Labour election loss in 2010 was bad; this is nothing in comparison. It is like the lights going-out.

And the second, bad, the loss of faith in truth.

The fake news, the rumours and non-truths spread by individuals intent on twisting power to their own ends;

This weekend I read ‘Sabrina’ – this is the only graphic novel to be long-listed for the Booker Prize.

It tells the story of a group of lumpen-characters navigating Sabrina’s murder; it is a critique of the times. It exposes us, that is, humans, for all our vulgarity, vulnerability, beauty and emptiness.

I recommend.

And, with data trolls and Putin, Trump and Johnston, with those ready to say whatever to promote the click of a mouse or shift of the cursor what do we have left? The accumulation of data warehoused in the Arctic Circle, in possession of Google or Apple or Microsoft, all our ideas, thoughts, feelings, and anxieties; there, for the cost of a Bitcoin, what hope do we have?

I’ll give you 10 B$ if you vote for me and encourage Brexit.

There you go.

That’s all.

And, at the end of the day we are all dead.

None of this ever happened or will happen.

It is all pixels.

Binary on and off, switches that can both create reality and destroy it.

Will 2019 give-way to more optimism?

Will we find a way to navigate the messiness of technology, diminishing natural resources, population expansion and diminution of meaning?

I hope.


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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

5 thoughts on “tomorrow

  1. Yes, I. hope so too. I do have an idea that the young generation, growing up with these horrendous aspects of modern life, will have a way of dealing with fhem. In fashion and in education there is a tendency for cycles of 25(?) years to reveal returns, in a generalised way , to the previous styles/practices. So much destruction tho – can it ever be made good in any way. Sometimes it seems that Roman-style we are into the ‘ bread and circuses ‘ era! Shunning sensationalism, privileged to live a ‘ quiet backwater ‘ existence, we can try In local communities by volunteering, supporting charities, emphasising the importance of voting?

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    1. Hi Freda, I am not sure if this encourages voting – it all makes me feel more disempowered; I worry greatly about my children’s perception of all of this, but they are usually quite resilient – when I was a kid and we had the threats of nuclear war and AIDS we somehow managed to find time to enjoy ourselves; it is probably part of the human condition that the worse things get the more we shut-out and find other distractions. For my son at the moment it seems to be watching back-episodes of the American version of The Office!

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