It is a spinach shakshuka

Here is the guide:


Take spinach, perhaps fifty or a hundred leaves,

Wilt in the microwave

For a minute or so.


Glass bowl, Pyrex.


And with this,

In a pot,

Prepare the roux.



flour and butter

and pre-warmed milk,

Nice and creamy;


Perhaps, some crushed pepper


A spoonful of stock

and, enough mustard to give flavour.


Round and round,

Wooden-spoon stir.


When it is rich

And thick,

Throw-in the cheddar; (other hard cheeses will do).


Back to the bowl with wilted spinach –


Grind pepper and salt,

Make four divots,

One-each for an egg.


Crack the eggs and cover with some more

Green leaves,

And, pour the hot mixture.


Into oven

180 degrees

For 20 minutes.


Then, once your eggs are cooked,

Allow to cool for a while

And enjoy.


If you like,

Sauces can be added


They mostly aren’t required.


This is for Annie, Kitty (and Mary) to show I was listening.


(PS the image above has crumbled goat’s cheese; perhaps an idea for tomorrow/)

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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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