What would you like to be called?

It means, I am your doctor, I am here to help, I will do whatever I can to support, and, with this the clinical contract – first, I will do no harm, second, this is confidential and, third, well, If I don’t know, I’ll find someone who does.

Today, I held in my hands the photo of an old man as a baby.

The old man, Smiling, kind, Dementia eroding his present he pointed-out his Grandma and his Mum and Did not at first recognise himself or, his Dad, Standing in the centre, Protective, Big hair. When I see family pictures, the old folk I imagine are my grandfather’s age and so on; I reflect my personal familyContinue reading “Today, I held in my hands the photo of an old man as a baby.”


Sorry to start your Sunday morning with a morbid topic, but there you go. I have been thinking about my experiences of death – indeed those of any doctor working in a hospital and those of people in general. They are different worlds. Last night I watched a little of ‘New Amsterdam’ with my sonContinue reading “Death”