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Memory (2019)

Here is a memory.

I have been struggling a little to find the words to continue my blog.


This is not to say nothing has been happening – these have been incredible times, yet, there is a break, or, disconnect between where I am now and where I want to be.

Here and over there.

Yesterday someone talked with me briefly, about reality.

What is true.

Made-up, make-believe and hidden.

I didn’t quite get it – uncertain as to the agenda or what was hidden behind their words; you see, I can be a little suspicious, or, maybe cautious at times.

(alternatively, capricious)

No wonder when we are going through such an upheaval.

Post-truth, tech, digital, media.


Call it what you want.

The change is so quick that no one has time to adjust or accept; just like the planet, warming faster than we have the capacity to evolve, society is changing more rapidly than our senses.

At times it is all too much.

Too sped-up.

My most significant moments relate to three areas:

Encounters with people.

Encounters with nature.


Beyond all of this there isn’t really anything else.

You see; it is sometimes difficult as encounters need to be deeper; there has to be connection or meaning, something more substantive.

Once the binary code has integrated itself into my past, my memory, that is, I believe it has passed the test.* My unconscious has determined the validity of the event or the moment and immortalised it in a handy schema of neurones; loose wires and metabolic disconnections.

Everything else is perception or more accurately, avoidance. Hiding.

And, the memory.

Well, that would be telling.

sigh jon mcnaughton.jpeg

*aka The good shit sticks

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  1. Been through the memory and hopeful!y out the other side?
    A dilemma, in a puzzle ,cloaked in a mystery?
    Reality? We each see it differently?
    Between here and there, weigh the pros v cons and discuss with trusted persoon?
    Good luck!

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