The rich conspired against the electorate to create Brexit, which will disenfranchise the poor to make the rich richer.

The earth is flat.

Aliens have walked amongst us since 1965.

Pick your crazy story and there will be a conspiracy associated.

This was brought starkly to my attention having listened yesterday to This American Life’s recent episode – Beware the Jabberwock.

The focus of the podcast is the emotional fallout related to the Sandy Hook Massacre in 2012.

Immediately following the tragedy, when 26 children and teachers were killed at an elementary school in Connecticut, theories began circulating on the web suggesting that it was a hoax; that no children had been murdered; the Left-wing Obama-influenced anti-gun lobby had conspired with Hollywood to create a make-believe scene to influence the electorate.



Devastatingly to Lenny Pozner whose son, Noah was murdered that day.

Trolls, hoaxers, psychopaths and self-publicists chose to circulate images of murdered children, all deteriorating into a bitter game of recrimination and hatred.

As I have recently written, the human brain is divided.

Left and right; whole or part. Creative or concrete; is it a wonder that Brexit splits the nation, that given the choice, humans seem to self-select into one or other extreme?

All things being equal I am here or there. I empathise with the lost, weak and defenceless or I consider their inadequacy, inefficiency as a blot on the landscape.

Possessing the ability to view the world through the eyes of another is a talent unique to humans; believing that it is ‘my way or the highway,’ is a backwards position.

The Trolls, the Alex Joneses (Not the wonderful Welshwoman) of this world are driven by an enthusiasm for success that many of us cannot imagine; it isn’t the winning, rather the taking part. Every man for himself, women and children first; sacrifice or sacrificial.

The outcome of the podcast was salutary; you can’t change the way people think. Left is left and east, east;

Similar topics have been covered before by TAL – I remember one where people spent time trying to convince Pro-Life protestors of the necessity for access to legal abortion;

The world is not black and white; nowhere is there absolute right, or all right or all wrong. Everything is shades, hues, indeterminate shapes and figures, the edges blur the further away you are from the object – this is reality. Nothing can remain in focus forever.

Accept that this is the way it is, that humanity is flawed no matter where you look and realise that we can only hope to arrive at truth or reality if we lower our guard and collaborate, accept one another’s inadequacy or inefficiency.

Sandy Hook; I can’t imagine anything worse.

Please follow this link and listen.

Beware the Jabberwock.


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One thought on “Conspiracy

  1. Horrendous and beyond shocking. The header illustration so apt. You could despair of the human race except Mr Pozner and his family set the example , need and deserve the support. Shoulder to shoulder.

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