Value (WMTY)

When I was a lad, the concept of value was familiar.

It had, as far as I understood at the time, something to do with supermarkets.


For whatever reason, the advert from Asda with a mum slapping the back-pocket of her jeans stands-out; perhaps this says more about me and my TV viewing than my burgeoning sense of value, but, nevertheless, I interpreted it in economic terms – good stuff for less; that kind of thing.

Nowadays value seems to be a word I use more frequently in relation to approach. How I see the world, how others see me, that kind of thing.

We share common values, being a shorthand for, ‘We think alike, we vote alike, we see the world from a similar perspective.’

It isn’t as stark as left and right, as, previously described, the world is (and has probably always) been too complex to split into two groups, yin or yang; despite the, and you know where this is coming from, the frustrating manner in which the UK is split between everything to do with Brexit (although some folk believe that the people aren’t split it is political ideology.)

Getting back to value.

What I see as right or wrong, as worth investing time and effort or disregarding; person ‘A’ might believe a big car, another, giving to charity and yet another, seeing as much of the world as possible in a constrained existence.

What matters to you?

This is key.

When we apply it to working in health and social care, doors unlock, we discover we are appealing not necessarily to our prejudices and preconceptions, but what is of importance to our patients and clients.

I don’t mind if you wear a uniform, have your hair up or down, are a little late or early, so long as you smile;

Others will care less about the smile and focus on the quality of the dressing, the details of the assessment.

Holistic Practice determines that everything is important, or at least, quality suggests we should arrive on time, with smart uniform, and conduct the best assessment as is possible given constraints of time and knowledge.

It becomes complicated.

I cannot understand the mindset of the Conspiracy Theorists, or, rather, I can understand, but don’t know why they can’t see the other side. I just don’t get it why anyone would want to vote Leave when Remain is so consistent with the trajectory of the Global Economy;

Heck, John Donne got it in 500 years ago; what haven’t we learned?

Maybe Earth is flat?

Maybe the Jews are conspiring to control the planet, extort the poor?

I guess when such uncertainties exist, when there is so much conflicting and overwhelming evidence of what is and what is not, you have to start somewhere; values seem reasonable.

What matters to you?


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5 thoughts on “Value (WMTY)

  1. Very gently and logically put.
    Maybe somewhat blindfolded by nostalgia for the (not so) good o!d days and translating/ equating seemingly loss of personal autonomy with national , the greater need for g!obal co-operation was less evident?

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    1. I know, nostalgia; bah. I was never a big fan of Asda and used to like Tesco until a recent event where they doubted my probity in relation to a poster-sticker!
      I have just noticed that values are something people discuss frequently and I don’t remember this being so when I was younger or even a couple of years ago – perhaps because global values have become more split?

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  2. Yes I think you are right, values do seem more split , there seemed to be core shared values when I was growing up , despite other disparities , but in the media and digital era , this has changed. I sometimes wonder if my grandparents may have had similar feelings ………… but they didn’t have the same information and experiences.

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    1. It is possibly something to do with the stage of our society; my parents and grandparents were mostly caught-up with making a living and being part of a community. They didn’t have reality TV then.

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