What shall I call you?

Great blog from Zara on the topic of what we are called; funny – I was called ‘Rodney’ twice today and Rob once last week. It is a bit of a game, but, I think we matter less (in this context) than what we call our patients and what they call us. One of my favourite things is for nurses and other clinical staff feeling comfortable enough to call me Rod – it also helps make me not feel too old. 🙂

Zara’s Blog (the blog of a 40 something Primary Care Nurse)

This chapter is inspired by a thought provoking blog titled What would you like to be called? by Dr Rod Kersh https://wp.me/p6EWa3-23i and the recent conversations where student nurses have been referred to as “the student” even weeks into a placement.

When I was a student nurse back in the late 80s it was still quite common to be addressed by our surnames by some Sisters. I was never comfortable with this and on numerous occasions I failed to notice that they were referring to me. I often remarked that it was much easier and quicker to call me Zara than Student Nurse Read-Jackson. I always said, in an emergency, critical time would’ve passed before they’d said that mouthful! Most of my life I was simply Zara Jackson (I always imagined the name Zara Read-Jackson was more suited to some exotic, cultured lady rather than me, a down to earth kid…

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