Korzybski, Beck and sorry, I don’t follow.

The greater the number of people present the greater the complexity and the higher the risk of falling into what I have decided to call the ‘Korzybski Trap’

To stop, or not: that is the question.

A new class of drugs, originally called ‘novel anticoagulants’ (NOACs) and now, that they aren’t that new, ‘direct oral anticoagulants’ aka ‘DOACs’ have overwhelmed the marketplace

Purposeful Practice and an agreement to disagree

Richard Feynman – a physicist considered amongst the greatest minds of his generation (also a crazy bongo-player, linguist and lock-picker)

What we are losing and what we will gain

I watched Attenborough’s programme last night.   Climate Change – the facts.   My daughter called me in As This was the second time She had seen the bats dying And the rescued babies.   What could be more pathetic?   The four of us sat, Listening to the words of the scientists, Patagonia jumpersContinue reading “What we are losing and what we will gain”

Wild Garlic associations

I walked through a wood today and tasted wild garlic tangy rich; It made me feel connected.   Wild Garlic Has the Latin name Allium ursinum.   Allium as it belongs to the onion family and Ursinum, as it is believed that once when bears wandered Europe They would dig for the roots.   OneContinue reading “Wild Garlic associations”

Leaders and Commanders

I am not a military guy. Anyone who knows me likely would agree with this statement – in fact, if you have met me, you would almost certainly wonder why a) I have even said it and b) Why ‘Commanders’ is in my title. Well, I’ll try to explain. It was an unusual Bank HolidayContinue reading “Leaders and Commanders”