Spiral 3 part 2 ½ (the one with the monkeys) & the ultimate banana.

I was going to write about monkeys, Planet of the Apes and Spiral Dynamics. Afraid I am a little too hay-fevered from early morning walk with dog; In the meantime, here are thoughts on bananas – I feel that of the fruits, bananas must be the loneliest. In a bunch they are OK, but whenContinue reading “Spiral 3 part 2 ½ (the one with the monkeys) & the ultimate banana.”

the sea

Sitting, waterfront veranda over the Sea of Galilee, called Lake Tiberias, Ha-Kineret in Hebrew or Bahr Aljalil in Arabic; I hear wood pigeon and sparrows. A generator in the background mostly slips away as I stop listening to its drone; the sea is calm. The water, a black mirror reflecting a rising sun, which itselfContinue reading “the sea”


…all the way from human genome project, face transplants, over-the-counter Viagra, genomics and gene therapy to long-length of stay, delayed discharges and workforce crises.