the sea

Sitting, waterfront veranda over the Sea of Galilee, called Lake Tiberias, Ha-Kineret in Hebrew or Bahr Aljalil in Arabic; I hear wood pigeon and sparrows. A generator in the background mostly slips away as I stop listening to its drone; the sea is calm. The water, a black mirror reflecting a rising sun, which itself is hidden behind early cloud. Ripples in the water are fish surfacing or the occasional swallow skimming the surface.

Ginger cat prowls.

Fishermen call.

Old man gathers cans for the 25 Agura deposit.

A mynah sits in the bougainvillea.

Municipal worker throws scraps to ravening shoals of fish; he gathers the crap that people haven’t bothered to place in the bin; he to me, is the holy one.

Yesterday I swam in the water; speckled algae green and gently lapping waves.

The sun is starting to break-through.

The heat will shortly be upon us.


Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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