Spiral 3 part 2 ½ (the one with the monkeys) & the ultimate banana.

I was going to write about monkeys, Planet of the Apes and Spiral Dynamics.


Afraid I am a little too hay-fevered from early morning walk with dog;

In the meantime, here are thoughts on bananas –

I feel that of the fruits, bananas must be the loneliest.


In a bunch they are OK, but when left to the last one, it must be grim.


You see, bananas as they ripen release a gas called ethylene. This causes other fruit to ripen as well and ultimately spoil. To avoid this we tend to isolate them.


Keep them away from the oranges, apples and nectarines.


It must be like having B.O. or scabies.

There are special banana hangers that can allow you to suspend them, hence reducing the concentrating effects of their gas; that still doesn’t help with the last one. An apple or orange can always find a buddy, not so the banana.

banana hanger.jpeg

(Kiwi are also bad ethylene producers, but, for whatever reason, a little like the popular kid at school, who despite having a smell or some other negative association is somehow immune, and people choose to ignore.)


Damn those kiwis.


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