London, Glasgow and the hospital. (for Sandra)

Working as he does with people who have dementia, is it even worthwhile sending the GP a note – ‘Your patient did not attend the clinic this morning; we will see them routinely in six months.’ Or worse, ‘Your patient did not attend the clinic. We have discharged them.’

Humanity differing.

When a surgeon is poised over my broken hip I would like that clinical sterility, that void of softness; yet, for that surgeon to function in a team, with people, peers, they need the kindness, caring and empathy of the group, the ability to be told-off for a silly mistake or mis-perception; ego can’t be allowed in.

Money is indeed disappearing

I don’t know what it means, the disappearance of money. In many respects, this is great. The shift to non-paper and coin-based transactions. Tap and go. Contactless. No worn-out trouser pockets. I think of homeless people and wonder how they will get by; last week I saw a busker at King’s Cross Station – heContinue reading “Money is indeed disappearing”

I veered into Yellow

…you see your destination and intuitively perceive that the way to arrive at that goal is not straightforward, indeed, you might learn that it is only a stepping-stone towards something else.