Manor Field Surgery Blog Number 15 – Sick Day Rules

Whenever I heard this phrase, sick day rules, it makes me think that someone is celebrating sick days, as in, ‘Rod Rules!’ it isn’t meant to mean that, although I can’t think of an alternative. So, what are these rules? They are in effect advice for people taking different medicines (or who have specific healthContinue reading “Manor Field Surgery Blog Number 15 – Sick Day Rules”

Manor Field Blog 14 – AED (Automated External Defibrillators)

Many people will have noticed, over the past couple of years, brightly coloured boxes appearing outside pubs, public buildings and garden centres; our local Scout headquarters has one. Usually there is a key-code attached to a lock. Do most people know what these are? AED which is short for Automated External Defibrillator is a deviceContinue reading “Manor Field Blog 14 – AED (Automated External Defibrillators)”

Doctoring, fast and slow.

In life, there are those who work and act quickly; my mum would say, ‘chick-chak’ which I think is a derivation of Hebrew meaning, ‘promptly, without messing about,’ and, those who tend to dilly-dally.

This afternoon I described death.

In the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Network for Dementia we are working to increase knowledge and understanding of delirium. This is a state of reversible confusion and disorientation that occurs more frequently in those living with dementia and at times can be mistaken for dementia itself. It isn’t, dementia, that is. It is different, withContinue reading “This afternoon I described death.”

Reception Envy

I have done some research and not seen that anyone else has written about this subject. Therefore, this could be something that affects me and no one else, or, this could be a true breakthrough in 21st Century problems. Recently I was on holiday, and, having just landed in the country and picked-up my mobileContinue reading “Reception Envy”

Manor Field Surgery Blog No. 9 – What about anti-inflammatories?

Well, part of how they work affects certain enzymes and chemicals in the body that stop  or reduce inflammation (duh!), and, somewhat unsurprisingly, inflammation although a problem at times, for example, a sore knee, is also part of our general human adaptation to life, in other words, it is how we have evolved.

Manor Field Surgery Blog Number 8 – Pain

Pain is one of the most common reasons for a patient seeking medical advice. It also plays a major role in the progress of all sorts of diseases and conditions, in other words, sometimes the pain is the thing, and at other times it is an outcome of the thing.

Manor Field Blog Number 7 – Swollen Ankles

You might have seen that a common theme to the three causes is pressure and, given that we walk upright, this pressure is greater than say a dog, you do get oedematous dogs, just less, commonly than humans.

Manor Field Blog number 6. Doctor, how much should I drink?

Well, most of us – adults that is, have been drinking for many years, and, if you have made it into your 50’s, 60’s or older and are in reasonable health, you are probably close to the sweet spot.