Online persona

I have written a few blogs.

820 to be precise.


It makes me wonder,

How people who have never met me

See me.


I imagine there are two groups –

Those who have met me, friends and family, who from reading, have perhaps gained some insight into who I am beyond or separate to who they thought or think I am


Those who have never met me and have an imagine;

A digital construct,

Streamed directly from the voices inside my head

Through the keyboard

To their cortices.



Cognitive transition

Electronic transference.


Does it matter?

Well, what people think of me does and does not matter;


There is the public me – the doctor, for example.

It would be bad if people saw me as a bullying, double-dealing cheat / scoundrel; that wouldn’t seem right – trust me I am a doctor, only, don’t kind of thing;

Then, there is me, the individual separated from that occupational persona.

Heck, I could or at least should be able to be what or who I want.

I’m not that adventurous and I suspect the lines between me as me and me as occupational me and blogger are so thin as to overlap almost entirely.

I don’t have a problem with this.


I remember the Steve Biko book – I think I have mentioned it before; I found it very influential back in the 80’s ‘I write what I like’ – he wasn’t taking any shit. Sure, it didn’t end well for Steve. He did have a legacy.

Do I write what I like?


Mostly that remains inside.

It ping-pongs around my cranium; occasionally waking me at three in the morning.


And, does that matter?

Shouldn’t it be all about self-expression; catharsis?

Primal Scream I hear you shout (naked in the forest).



We are living in times that are far too sober for such shenanigans.

Once upon a time I was wild, now I am tamed.


And this, is who I am.

Steve Biko outside the King William’s Town Magistrate’s Court. 07/07/1977.

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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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