Have you watched Babyteeth?

2019 Movie,

Available on Netflix now.

It’s a comedy,

Although I don’t remember laughing.

It is the story of Milla a 16-year-old free-spirit who is dying of cancer. She teams-up with Moses a struggling drug user.

Her dad’s a psychiatrist, her mum, a concert pianist, is falling to pieces.

It is set in Australia, somewhere near the sea.

The scenes are acts, making It feel like a play.

The soundtrack which my daughter downloaded yesterday (watched it with her) is brilliant.

Vibrant, life-affirming music.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 93% which means my son and my brother who have high movie thresholds would approve.

Please watch.

Then listen.

PS What I’d like to know, given there are so many rubbish films out there, why did no one tell me about this before?

Why this is especially precious to me?

Well, until a couple of months ago my daughter was convinced she still had several babyteeth.

A visit to the dentist dispelled this myth.

We are all growing, ageing, slowing-down and deteriorating.

An ideal film for a geriatrician.


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