Chaos theory. Calamity in action.

The image that has spoken to me the most in the past few days has been that of an empty refuse skip sailing down a village street in an inundated German village.


Floods in the north of the Europe have caused chaos.

The clip I saw on Twitter carried the comment, ‘It’s like Earth is trying to tell us something.’

Mother Earth.

Let’s call her Gaia, is speaking.

She is screaming.


(OK… Saturn is not a ‘she’)

As in labour. The walls quake with the tremolo of her call.

And here, that is, the UK, we have Covid.

We have a donkey leading asses.

The misdirected guided by the uninformed.



As they say.

And today, I hold my head in my hands as I estimate the enormity of the threat.

The 24-year-old lying intubated on the intensive care unit

of most hospitals in the country,

The wards starting to seethe.

The fear.


I saw an image of Amy Winehouse today and


How lucky, she never knew this blight.

It is all an absurdity of course.

We scrabble,

We try our best to do and undo the chaos.

Nothing is really knowable.


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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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