Drowning in data, in war.

There is a link you can find on Google that tells you the frequency of words appearing on the internet.

It’s called Google Trends.

It is a thermometer of what is happening, who is saying or typing what about whom.

Keywords. Covid, Trump, Ukraine.

the only positive being that Mr T is a flatline

It’s hard to think of anything positive to investigate.

What has been good?

It mirrors life, it’s hard not to get bogged-down in the bad stuff.

Many of us, me included have a natural propensity for thinking black.

Sure, there can be bright moments, but the tendency is certainly in the direction of the not so good rather than the opposite.


Interpretation and analysis.

The causes are likely long and complicated, a mixture of nature and nurture.

Last night, perhaps the result of too much sushi, I had some hyper-real dreams. In one, I was looking at photos my brother had sent me (In the post? Online? Who knows).

They were old pictures, the kind you find in albums from before the 90’s.

These were different in that when you looked at them, they allowed for a telescopic zoom inwards. You started with the photo of a confused scene and with the looking you were taken to a corner of the image that was expanded and magnified.

In one, I saw a small boy, floating inside an inflatable ring. He was maybe three. Black tousled hair. He was me. He was in the water beside a boat. Other people, his family were at a distance.

The analysis, midst dream, was, ‘How could they leave a little boy to float in deep water inside a ring, all by himself? What if he slips through? He can’t swim, he will drown.’

A dream-thought, everything at once.

I am reading the Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri.

In one scene a boy, Muhammad falls in the sea, the protagonist Nuri jumps in to save him.

I am also in the middle of Babi Yar (Babyn Yar), the autobiographical account by A. Anatoli of the events that happened in 1941 with the German invasion of Ukraine.

This was where the Russians bombed the TV tower in Kyiv this week.

It is a ravine outside Kyiv where Nazis led tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, mostly Jews, but also Ukrainians, Gypsies and Russians to their death.

Lining them up and machine gunning them, covering them with sand and machine gunning more. The soldiers would walk across the dead and dying and shoot anyone who was still alive.

There is a scene in that book where the writer and his friend are swimming in a lake, his friend fails to surface and is rescued near death by a Ukrainian soldier.

Death by drowning.

I finished Dan Brown’s third novel, The Lost Symbol this week.

It also features a scene where Robert Langton the Harvard professor of symbology, hero of The Da Vinci Code amongst others is drowned in a box by crazy guy called Mal’akh.

I need to stop the reading.

When I watch the news, Ukraine looks like it is drowning.

An manmade tsunami.

Every image worse than the next.

The world looks-on.

We fear World War 3.

We fear for the moral basis of our existence.

We fear crazy men who remain in power for too long, who climb to the top ensuring multiple mutually assured mechanisms of destruction for anyone who might threaten them.

We hope for a putsch or a coup.

Good luck with the hoping.

The world is drowning and the landscape is changing and it is hard to perceive a cup half-full, to bring a positive spin to the news updates.

The mess is ever increasing in size and complexity.

Runaway train.

Whatever image you fancy.

Covid, we thought that was bad.

On the graph of all graphs, that is old news.

What is for tomorrow?

Anatoli Kuznetzov

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Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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