Person-Centred Teams & People

I am pleased to be attend a session with Michael West this morning thanks to the leadership team at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust… We continue along the road of compassionate, person-centred care, making things better every patient, carer and employee at a time!

I wrote this five years ago. My world has changed massively in that time. Some things have remained the same… We have the pressures of life, the struggles, strains and pressures of work. We had and have Covid.

Person-centred care remains a fundamental to improving care and the experience of work for us all.

Here is to the future!

Dr Rod’s Odd Blog (almondemotion)

Before I say anything, I’d like to begin by thanking the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Programme for starting me along this journey, and, Helen Sanderson for making it meaningful. If anyone is interested in reading more, please check-out Helen’s books or Helen Sanderson Associates’ website.

I have written a few blogs about Person-Centredness – mostly how we treat and care for patients, or, as I prefer to consider them, people. Much of this has been in relation to those living with dementia or others who become delirious and end-up in hospital.

About 18 months ago I realised (or was helped to realise), that in order to receive Person-Centred Care, you needn’t have dementia or delirium, or even be old, for that matter – just being a person was enough. Yet, we work and live in a system and society which has created pathways and avenues of existence that seek to distract from…

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