An unusual half hour – just a sharp scratch.

It has just gone 1230 on Saturday morning.

I have a 30 minute lunch break during the Covid and Flu clinic.

I don’t normally have breaks for lunch and today, true to form, I am munching my nuts and high-speed blogging.

I usually blog first-thing on a Saturday and Sunday morning.

Those are my open-mind times, when I have access to my creative unconscious. That part of me that is hidden during my medical masquerade.

Who am I? Blogger or doctor? Doctor or blogger?

I have been blogging for nearly eight years. I have been a doctor for over 20, I guess my day-job trumps my hobby.

Today we have been vaccinating.

One shot of two-in-one Moderna and one of four-in-one Flu. Resistance to six viral entities in two arm punctures.

There were four of us scheduled to vaccinate although we have found we can work faster than anticipated so we have let some folk home early; we have called some patients in early too – we are to get home ahead of time.

Last week I went round the care home and stabbed the oldies; that was Covid. Some in the arm, some in the leg (those who have too little deltoid muscle). I did a re-run on Thursday for flu (I opted to give them separately for their ageing immune systems – not evidence based, but that is not how I roll.)

I was surprised how many of the residents remembered my visit the preceding week.

‘I’ve already had it!’

‘Oh, no, that was the Covid. This is the flu.’

Most gave-in and let me stab.

A couple said no.

Two had the Covid but not the flu.

A bit of a mishmash.

One old man called me a ‘baldy bastard’ after the Covid, he was one of the flu-Refusniks.

Another old man shouted, ‘You F@ing bastard.’ He had both.

I get where they are coming from and don’t blame them.

Just a sharp scratch.


There is a prize for anyone who guesses what is going on in this photo.

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