Heraclitus, Zen & Il Gattopardo

To stay the same everything must change.

That is,

For you

To remain

In the same place,

In the same state

across time,

Then everything else must alter

Unless that is,

You change a little

and as

The increments of progress encroach

upon you

The world’s altering will be less.

You can’t put your hand in the same river twice


The water is moving


Life is a flux.

Me now is different

To me tomorrow

or yesterday.

The moment doesn’t exist

It is, then it isn’t,

A puff of smoke and gone.

When up is down, down is up.

If you stand

On the escalator and look down,

You are up.

As you descend,


becomes down

You have reached the bottom.

Life goes on

And that is it.

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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