What was it you said?

Oh, I forgot you already told me that…

Imagine, always remembering.

We call this eidetic.

Events, places, and times, frozen by indelible recall.

Every phrase, gesture, and nuance locked in.

Imagine. Always, always, forever.

And then, you have


For this is the ultimate robot device.

Computers, just like elephants never forget.

Although silicone isn’t of herbal value,

It is fixed in time and space.

And, it is the forgetting that makes us human.

It is the gaps that we fill with creativity,


That makes us, us.

The person out of view,

Our shaded blind-spots.

It is the leaps of imagination,

The ersatz steps, the staccato shuffle that bears the stamp of humanity.

I am, because I fill-in the gaps between then, and now and tomorrow.

Our illogicality, our irrepressible need to join the dots.

Here I am, and tomorrow who knows?

Published by rodkersh1948

Trying to understand the world, one emotion at a time.

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