About me

I am a doctor living and working in South Yorkshire.

Recently, after 20 years working in hospital medicine I jumped-ship to the community and now work part time as a partner specialising in the care of older people in a GP Surgery in Maltby (@ManorFieldSurgery) and also working as a community physician supporting the needs of patients across Rotherham.

I am Chair of the South Yorkshire charity, B:Friend which focuses on addressing social isolation by bringing together people in local communities to support each other – this year we were named best Health Care Charity! You can see you website here – http://www.letsbfriend.org.uk

In another role I am secondary care advisor to the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Network for Older Peoples’ Mental Health and Dementia (yes, a long title) – you can find our website here – http://www.yhscn.nhs.uk/mental-health-clinic/Dementia.php

My main preoccupations are –

Person-centred care/creativity/innovation/dementia/delirium/polypharmacy /medicalisation/patient safety/wellbeing/openness/honesty/ reliability/quality/literature/pop-culture/nature/art/music/cinema/wildlife/history/ photography/ethics/family

These are my thoughts, reflections and aspirations.

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