Person-centred care and self-love

I, as a doctor might know all about diabetes or asthma, you as the person with the condition know all about you. What you know about you is always far more than I can know about the dry technicalities of disease, even with a lifetime of experience.

Where have all the bibles gone? (Can be sung to the melody of ‘Where have all the flowers gone? By Peter, Paul and Mary.)

Where have all the bibles gone? It used to be a thing I saw When staying at Hotels and hostels & similar types of places. In every Bedside drawer There would be a brown or blue Gideon Bible. ‘Look,’ I said to my daughter, ‘In your bedside drawer!’ ‘It’s empty,’ she replied. They seem toContinue reading “Where have all the bibles gone? (Can be sung to the melody of ‘Where have all the flowers gone? By Peter, Paul and Mary.)”

Anxious Jew Redux, Professor Ian Robertson & Blindboy

Doctors are great at diagnosing or assigning diagnoses. It is something that makes many of them very happy. It provides the doctor with certainty, a finite box in which to insert their patient and to focus treatment – antibiotics, pain killers or anti-depressants. (I am sure there is a dopamine release every time a doctor signs a prescription).

Today is the day of Elizabeth’s funeral. A rethink.

I keep thinking Land Rovers.

I think Dutchy Organics.

Purveyors of fine foods to HRH.

It’s a jumble.

Deceased albatrosses, dog companions and other thoughts and travels.

Michael was a true rambler, born in Russia he migrated to Glasgow then fought in Egypt and Palestine in the First World War then back to Glasgow and then off to Australia via Ceylon.

Florence Nightingale, Florence Synagogue, Dali and palpitations

‘Diagnosis – Florence Syndrome’

‘Treatment – avoid visiting Florence and/or trips to art galleries. Watch more TV’

The week that was and was not!

Still recovering from IDLES my daughter tested positive for Covid.

Israel / Sheffield / Palestine & Stone throwing

There are 8.8 million people living in Israel.

That is 0.11% of the world population.

Around 20 per cent of children in the UK’s 68 million are living in poverty.

Consider the involvement of Russia and China in perpetuating the Syrian crisis.

Pishers, Michael Rosen, viral illness and the Passover story (timely I know, as it is Easter soon)

Well, talking with my family when I had the distinct need to panic buy and hoard face-masks and rubber gloves the other day, (I didn’t); not only is this deeply rooted in the brains of every one of us, it is (at least I believe) amplified in some groups.

It is a spinach shakshuka

Here is the guide:   Take spinach, perhaps fifty or a hundred leaves, Wilt in the microwave For a minute or so.   Glass bowl, Pyrex.   And with this, In a pot, Prepare the roux.   Yes, flour and butter and pre-warmed milk, Nice and creamy;   Perhaps, some crushed pepper and A spoonfulContinue reading “It is a spinach shakshuka”


I have been battling with my brother for the past six months or so on the Corbyn situation. Essentially, he sees him as an outspoken critic of Israel, Anti-Semitic and representing all that is bad in relation to the left-wing of British politics. I always quite liked him (JC) – in his stance against ApartheidContinue reading “Jeremy”


Baby born, Entirety Of all knowledge Past, present and future Nestled in their consciousness; Overwhelmed With knowing With seeing & Understanding.   Blown away By Possibility.   Options, opportunities and ideas How Where Why What Let me see; It is all forgotten in a Kabbalistic moment. Alas, alack, Thank goodness!

Vos Machst du?

We had a patient in the ward recently. I won’t say exactly where she came from, but suffice it to say, she originated in one of the Baltic states – that is, a country neighbouring the Baltic Sea. I have always found the Baltic the funniest sea, mainly because of its use in Glasgow slang…Continue reading “Vos Machst du?”

Do I look Yemenite in this?

This evening I had one of those encounters; We were out for a meal at the local Indian restaurant. Head Waiter: You from Yemen? RK: Glasgow. HW: Glasgow? RK: Glasgow. WH: Oh. I get this in various iterations, usually when I meet someone from a different culture, often an immigrant to the UK – folkContinue reading “Do I look Yemenite in this?”

Death plans…

Do you have a death plan? What should happen if you die? I ask these questions as I facilitated a table at the Yorkshire and Humber Dementia Network event on Thursday about ‘Dying Well with Dementia’ The table could just have been ‘dying well’ as what kills you doesn’t really matter – when you’re deadContinue reading “Death plans…”


I have just watched Marian Marzynski’s Shtetl on Vimeo; here is the link. He documents his journey to the village of Brańsk in Poland in 1996, with Nathan Kaplan – a 70-year-old American who is researching his family’s history – aided by an anomalous moustachioed Polish man called Zbigniew Romaniuk. I found it fascinating andContinue reading “Shtetl”


The Lamassu Winged god Protector of the city of Nineveh; Destroyed/looted/defaced In Iraq as consequence of the chaos following the fall of SH; I met him/her yesterday. (not SH, rather, the god)   Installation On the 4th plinth at Trafalgar Square In all his/her/its glory made from Flattened cans of date syrup.   Earlier, weContinue reading “Lamassu”