Canine Consciousness, the plants know more than we think, our individuality, and an argument with the wind.

An insight into my mind, that of my dog and all living creatures. Satori!

Why are male landowners in South Yorkshire such bastards? (Yes, this blog contains swear words. Don’t read if you are sensitive) (or a farmer).

All I was trying to do was get a bit of exercise, enjoy the outdoors. Who owns the land?

Thermostatic analysis

It is seven degrees inside my house. This morning the car registered minus four. In the lake we were advised by the keeper of temperatures the water was four or thereabouts. Afterwards, the neoprene of my bootees having temporarily stuck to the frozen ground, pain shot through my fingers as blood and sensation returned. WhenContinue reading “Thermostatic analysis”

Cognitive dissonance, the NHS, Virtual Wards, and the rest of the shit that is going down

I even recently read in a patient’s notes the following:

‘Called patient for telephone appointment. There was no answer. Patient has not attended the appointment. See again in six months.’

Elephants, walruses, and forlorn carpenters

Freya probably spent her days swimming between Shetland, Norway, and Holland because of Global Warming; another shitstorm caused by us, people.

Little hands, absent feet and beautiful people

Of the 147 initial survivors, by the time they were rescued 13 days later only 15 were still alive, the others had been murdered, cannibalised or thrown into the sea.

A long line of worriers and wear a facemask?

I come from a long line of worriers, which is apposite as the subject of this blog relates to discussions with my brother about Covid. You see, he has been a mask wearer. He also has asthma like me and the combination of worrier, asthma and the time of Covid is a toxic cocktail forContinue reading “A long line of worriers and wear a facemask?”

Waterstones – family trip to Sheffield, book buying and a form of review

After that last election, the one which brought the clown and his Merry Pranksters to power I deleted news and Social Media apps from my phone; it was only with the arrival of Covid that I allowed them back in.

Reception Envy

I have done some research and not seen that anyone else has written about this subject. Therefore, this could be something that affects me and no one else, or, this could be a true breakthrough in 21st Century problems. Recently I was on holiday, and, having just landed in the country and picked-up my mobileContinue reading “Reception Envy”