What is understood. Understood. Standing under. Capisce?

The humans built the tower to reach heaven or God and their punishment to forever live in perplexity, to hover above or alongside the dark matter.

Heraclitus, Zen & Il Gattopardo

To stay the same everything must change. That is, For you To remain In the same place, In the same state across time, Then everything else must alter Unless that is, You change a little and as The increments of progress encroach upon you The world’s altering will be less. You can’t put your handContinue reading “Heraclitus, Zen & Il Gattopardo”

My mum – for International Women’s Day 8 March 2022

My mum Would pass thread through the eye of a tiny needle and perform what she called invisible stitches. It was what all the ladies wanted. The middle-aged women would call-in at our house Requesting alterations to aid their spread, their girth expansion from the time in-between diets. Mum would sit at her Singer sewingContinue reading “My mum – for International Women’s Day 8 March 2022”

Thinking mindful – geriatrician asks his followers to ‘get high’

My mind has been in a Japanese meta-reality rather than on Wong Lane

Shady Towers, Social Care, Nora and Whitey on the Moon.

The PM announced a rise in NI tax this week. I understand this is to offset some of the damage they have done to the NHS over the past decade. Fantastic. (And yes, Whitey is still on the moon).

Today they took my dog’s womb.

The vet, Friendly young woman in dark blue scrubs Face mask and clipboard, Took me through The ins and outs of the procedure. Operation to render my dog Sterile. / My last dog Maisie Was also spayed Although I seem to have lost the memory. / Now, Stella, As she cowers, Under my desk, BesideContinue reading “Today they took my dog’s womb.”

Covid, pants and barriers to communication

I met an old man last week, his pants were poking out of his pyjama bottoms.   They were the same as mine M&S blue stars;   I was going to tell him and everyone else in the room about our shared underwear but, the facemask and the goggles, gown and gloves Got in theContinue reading “Covid, pants and barriers to communication”

In the darkness we wait.

I have a patient Who cannot read or write.   I have not yet Determined the reasons why; Whether circumstance situation or something else.   Nevertheless, He struggles with many activities that you or I would find Straightforward.   When I was explaining to him the other day About the dosing of Paracetamol, I realisedContinue reading “In the darkness we wait.”

Canary in the mine

The Canary Has all but Died.   Given up the ghost. Called time on the miners. The children of the miners.   This, the next step in the rape of society. Mrs T, 40 years ago Ended our communities and only now have people realised what was lost and are working to re-establish. Today, MrContinue reading “Canary in the mine”

the sea

Sitting, waterfront veranda over the Sea of Galilee, called Lake Tiberias, Ha-Kineret in Hebrew or Bahr Aljalil in Arabic; I hear wood pigeon and sparrows. A generator in the background mostly slips away as I stop listening to its drone; the sea is calm. The water, a black mirror reflecting a rising sun, which itselfContinue reading “the sea”

Wild Garlic associations

I walked through a wood today and tasted wild garlic tangy rich; It made me feel connected.   Wild Garlic Has the Latin name Allium ursinum.   Allium as it belongs to the onion family and Ursinum, as it is believed that once when bears wandered Europe They would dig for the roots.   OneContinue reading “Wild Garlic associations”

Gum and Gods

Gum Stuck To my shoe Or bottom.   I walk around before realising That the Tackiness Is actually Chewing Gum.   Spat out Or Left behind By somebody.   And now attached to me.   I can’t remember the last time I experienced this; Whether fewer people are chewing Or I am less exposed, IContinue reading “Gum and Gods”

In the midst of Goya’s black paintings I fell In love With the image of the goat And the People Cowering In a circle Reminiscent of The Dybbuk, The Devil Casting shadows, Pretending Enchanting, Ensnaring, Encasing – Smothering.   The peasants Demoniacal Passive in their observation, Crooked fantasy; Rosemary’s baby, Polanski And Ira Levin TogetherContinue reading

Superficial analysis of complexity

It Keeps everyone happy; Like Freewheeling downhill having forgotten your repair kit.   Focusing excessively on the details, Holding Too thick a lens up to what is small Can sometimes Slow us down, Keep us back, Postpone the inevitable.   I prefer to skip, Skeeter Over the surface; Jittery they call me When things areContinue reading “Superficial analysis of complexity”

How do I put it aside?

My family gathered last night for another season of Strictly. I tried. Honestly. Most years I don’t even join them in the room; Last night I balanced on the settee, albeit with my laptop for comfort and half and half sat through contestants spiralling onto the screen amidst glitz and glamour. Well, the inevitable happened;Continue reading “How do I put it aside?”


I remember Sitting On my grandfather’s bed, 43 Newark Drive, as Countdown Played-out on the TV.   Channel 4 With Richard Whiteley And Carol Vorderman.   He Would rapidly calculate the sums adding, subtracting, timsing and dividing To reach an obscure number;   Juggling Letters to arrive at the High-scorer.   And, Always, At fourContinue reading “Countdown…”