Say what you see.

Say what you see, not what you think, and definitely not what you think others see or perceive; translate the reality before you into clear, words, sentences and paragraphs. Take your time. There is no rush; if you wait a moment or two before expressing your conception, nothing will be lost. How often is itContinue reading “Say what you see.”

Minor evolutionary hiccup.

I bought a bottle of full-fat Guernsey milk (in a milk-bottle shaped bottle), yesterday, and I am now sipping it, mixed in coffee. It made me think, about the blue-tits I used to see in the 70’s. The ones that learned about the lovely creaminess sitting at the top of milk bottles, on doorsteps, justContinue reading “Minor evolutionary hiccup.”

I remember

I remember sunrise over The Tay, walking home. I remember the woods where I hid The railway bridge Night asleep on cardboard Attack on a fun night-out Under the dining-room table Thickening ice inside bedroom window Looking left Then right Then left Then crossing And still looking, still looking

Glasgow tenement tiles

Cold tiles & musty stair-well.   Shutters over hardwood doors and light struggling from first-floor window.   Air still, like frozen time & the clock on the mantelpiece monitors each moment as everything slows-down & every breath is like a forever.   *Photograph of Glasgow Tenement Tiles by @TnmntTiles – please check out the Twitter Site

I remember Uzi

Uzi Not just the name of a machine gun But also The name of a retired engineer Living in Ra’anana; Recently emigrated from Essex. I couldn’t For the life of me Understand the Hebrew mathematics. I somehow missed-out on the minus times minus And The minus times plus logic That today is second nature andContinue reading “I remember Uzi”

Snippets (vii) Giffnock (ii) Iggy

I heard Iggy Pop on the radio yesterday. One of the things he said, that has stuck with me is, he didn’t realise how great the 70’s were at the time. The 70’s – a strange, dust-covered decade sitting in my memory. It might be what I return to in my old age. It wasContinue reading “Snippets (vii) Giffnock (ii) Iggy”