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(When was the last time anyone checked the dirt level of an NHS keyboard)(Oops, should have said that – the snap response there is sometimes keyboard-condom rather than ‘clean the thing’ the former making touch-typing a nightmare)(when you do get to type, rather than write, which is a mixed-methods form of data collection, common in the health service).

Blogs, Poems, etc 2017

Rod’s Blogs, Poems, etc.  Table of Contents I search for meaning. 6 ‘Behavioural’ 8 10 Years. 10 10 years. 11 99+. 13 1559 days. 15 A response to Henry. 17 A tale of two times?. 18 Acute. 20 Advance Care Plan, Human Rights & I want what I want 23 alea iacta est 25 AllContinue reading “Blogs, Poems, etc 2017”

Want to make a difference to the wellbeing of people in Doncaster? (Advert)

Wellbeing… Do you want to make a real difference to the lives of older people living in Doncaster? Are you interested in supporting people to maintain independence, stay living at home and enjoy life? Do you want to have more control over they way you work, and feel part of a team? Do you wantContinue reading “Want to make a difference to the wellbeing of people in Doncaster? (Advert)”

Unnatural selection

You are unconscious, the focus for the doctors and nurses is maintaining your physiology with particular attention to your brain and heart.