Do I look Yemenite in this?

This evening I had one of those encounters; We were out for a meal at the local Indian restaurant. Head Waiter: You from Yemen? RK: Glasgow. HW: Glasgow? RK: Glasgow. WH: Oh. I get this in various iterations, usually when I meet someone from a different culture, often an immigrant to the UK – folkContinue reading “Do I look Yemenite in this?”


Where would I rather, Be, go? I hear the cars passing my window, See the collared doves framed against the white sky. There is a world out there and I am in here. Door closed, Slippers.   Berlin Beirut Belin?   It isn’t as simple as that… Visa, Flight, Pollution, Insurance, Currency, Organisation.   YouContinue reading “Where?”


You wouldn’t necessarily link the iPhone with existentialism, but, there you are. The philosophy connected with our sense of purpose, place and meaning, so beloved of Sartre and Camus has led to our place in the modern world; staring at a pixelated display, where the manufacturers do their best to shrink technology to such anContinue reading “iPhone”