The cost of loneliness (Roubles, dollars or robots?)

One patient recently attempted to resuscitate her (toy) baby when the batteries ran-out.

This afternoon I described death.

In the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Network for Dementia we are working to increase knowledge and understanding of delirium. This is a state of reversible confusion and disorientation that occurs more frequently in those living with dementia and at times can be mistaken for dementia itself. It isn’t, dementia, that is. It is different, withContinue reading “This afternoon I described death.”


Sorry to start your Sunday morning with a morbid topic, but there you go. I have been thinking about my experiences of death – indeed those of any doctor working in a hospital and those of people in general. They are different worlds. Last night I watched a little of ‘New Amsterdam’ with my sonContinue reading “Death”


OK. This might not be the best title for Boxing Day. I can’t get away from it however; Perhaps The writing will help me move-on.   Last night I watched a programme about Tommy Cooper.   Fez Silly jokes & just like that   He was present through my childhood.   His final day Summed-upContinue reading “Death”


Dead, the moment the breathing ceases and, the heart stops.   Relaxation of muscles, slackening of tone sighing-out of self and, move-on to the next stage, the next phase of being.   Still there still existent within the memories, sentiments, ripples of existence, but, Transformed.   Different. decay, devolution, evolution, transformation.   Not necessarily sad,Continue reading “Dead”

Tell me what has been happening.

This is how I often start, begin the conversation, listen to the story from the perspective of the husband or wife, son or daughter.   They tell me about my patient, the deterioration, the frequent acknowledgment that things are getting worse, that they see the future.   And, the system, the trying to do itsContinue reading “Tell me what has been happening.”

In your sleep – (Safe in heaven, dead/)

It is an odd thought – dying in your sleep. Pyjamas, tooth brush, perhaps a few pages of a novel and no more. Your eyes close and at some point, in the night, heart stops. Dead.   This is what it is to be alive. Precarious, a tightrope of existence or not.   The mechanismContinue reading “In your sleep – (Safe in heaven, dead/)”