Charles-Bonnet Syndrome and other thoughts about physical and mental illness

Out optic blind-spots continuously adapt to provide us with a seamless sense of reality, only becoming real when we reverse into a wall that we didn’t see.

Covid has made me crepuscular

It’s odd. When I was a kid this was how I used to function; it appears to be happening again. Crepuscular is the behaviour displayed by certain animals who are active at dawn and dusk; not nocturnal, I suspect because their eyesight isn’t brilliant and they like their sleep and, neither diurnal as I guess,Continue reading “Covid has made me crepuscular”

What did yesterday teach me?

Well, a few things; probably. Lesson one: This first one won’t apply to everyone, although, if like me you are in middle-age clutter, at times overwhelmed by too much, consider daily reduction. Every day get rid of one thing, item of clothing, utensil, book you no longer need – reduce, reuse and recycle. This shouldContinue reading “What did yesterday teach me?”

Forward and Back *two

Here is another interpretation of social media, the past and depression; there is a theory, that social media – Facebook in particular, acts like a memory and experiential sieve. It pulls-out predominantly good experiences and demotes the negatives. This might sound like good and common sense; after all, is that not what we do withContinue reading “Forward and Back *two”

Depression & hospitalisation

Earlier today I watched a TED video by writer Andrew Solomon about his experiences with depression. It is a mesmerizing performance from someone who is both stunningly articulate and strange. Solomon describes his experiences with depression and one of the most significant moments in the piece relates to him discussing the idea that depression isContinue reading “Depression & hospitalisation”