Safety netting – to net or not?

Sure, some readers will think, ‘Honestly, this isn’t nannyworld, people have some responsibility, they should use their common sense.’

Manor Field Blog Number 16 – Anaemia (iron deficiency)

Anaemia is the condition where you have too few Red Blood Cells in your body. There are many different types of anaemia and I will not cover them all here; this blog is focused on a very common form – specifically the one we call, ‘iron deficiency’ as it has a potential connection with cancer.Continue reading “Manor Field Blog Number 16 – Anaemia (iron deficiency)”

India, etc.

The plan had been to explain to people the why, what, where of my trip to India. We are heading-out, a small contingent of NHS from Rotherham on the 17th of May, Mumbai via Abu Dhabi – which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, not Scooby’s catchphrase. I wrote a couple of monthsContinue reading “India, etc.”

Now, here is a funny thing.

Corridor, stairway, path.   You know, it is part of human evolution that we recognise people – shapes and forms from far away. Gait, stature, poise; Coif, Profile.   Individuals, even acquaintances are Instantaneously identifiable, Like when Emperor penguins are milling around the ice And each one can tell who is who and who isContinue reading “Now, here is a funny thing.”