opposite the optimism / down stream

I see school children in groups walking around as if nothing is happening; dumb to the reality that their future is being burned through the profligate nature of government spending on failed schemes for virus control or overall chaotic mismanagement of the crisis.

Silly hats, uniforms.

I went back to Doncaster yesterday, to take part in the Person-Centred Care training day we have been running for the past year. On this occasion, I attended as a guest speaker, which was a novelty. I also took with me some colleagues from Rotherham, so that they could get a feel for  the workContinue reading “Silly hats, uniforms.”

Three weeks. What have I learned?

It is just over three weeks since I started working in Rotherham. It has been an interesting time. There have been highs and lows. Some confusion. Soupcon of anxiety. Even, disorientation. Lesson 1 When I was younger, it was routine to change jobs every year – that was the rotation which was the core ofContinue reading “Three weeks. What have I learned?”

Care – Intermediate

We are constantly working to refine the ways that people, particularly those who are older and frail interface with the health and social care system.