Blogs, Poems, etc 2017

Rod’s Blogs, Poems, etc.  Table of Contents I search for meaning. 6 ‘Behavioural’ 8 10 Years. 10 10 years. 11 99+. 13 1559 days. 15 A response to Henry. 17 A tale of two times?. 18 Acute. 20 Advance Care Plan, Human Rights & I want what I want 23 alea iacta est 25 AllContinue reading “Blogs, Poems, etc 2017”

Are you looking at me?

I am trying to imagine What it is like to fall into a wormhole or perhaps topple into a black hole. Neither experience can be much fun, although, I gather with the wormhole, there is, even though very remote, the possibility of traveling in time and space, Whereas, with the black hole, It is justContinue reading “Are you looking at me?”