GPs ending home visits – what the heck?!

Many are the result of an acute deterioration in the health of an older person, who, terrified of being admitted to hospital calls their GP. Many patients do not want to be admitted; they want to stay at home and recover.


This morning I had a brief discussion with one of our patients; she is on the cusp of her 65th birthday. And, for those involved in the administration of the flu vaccine, this is a thing. Under 65s get one vaccine and overs another. Why would this be? At first, my assumption was that asContinue reading “Influenza”

I caused a mini flu-scare this week

I didn’t realise the impact of my actions. Well, it wasn’t quite my actions, more my thoughts, followed by a question and the actions of others. I was called to see a patient; he had a temperature of 38.9, was listless and not his usual self; a little disorientated, he couldn’t pinpoint the cause ofContinue reading “I caused a mini flu-scare this week”