Elephants, walruses, and forlorn carpenters

Freya probably spent her days swimming between Shetland, Norway, and Holland because of Global Warming; another shitstorm caused by us, people.

Free-association, mind-wandering, existential worries, and Yoda’s gender

Is the recession upon us? What I think about my tortoise, what do they think about me?

You get what you pay for. (this is not a happy one)

No, not the climate, not the uncollected bins, the zero hours, no, not the Shitty White Men travelling on purpose-built spaceships that fly over the filth and poverty of a world falling apart, all of it together.

Vos Machst du?

We had a patient in the ward recently. I won’t say exactly where she came from, but suffice it to say, she originated in one of the Baltic states – that is, a country neighbouring the Baltic Sea. I have always found the Baltic the funniest sea, mainly because of its use in Glasgow slang…Continue reading “Vos Machst du?”

There was a thing

Respect for ourselves, respect for one another, seeing those around you as equal to you, listening their opinion. Deference, caring, kindness. This is my religion and political affiliation.

Kafka then Kerouac then Levi

When I was Perhaps 18 I would spend hours in town in Glasgow Between book shops. Borders Waterstones Books etc. John Smith’s And that was before you went down the West End With the second-hand stores. We didn’t have Foyles We never needed it.   This one is for Nigel & Papa

Something medical.

We debated yesterday during the ward round, as to whether I should discontinue one of my patient’s medicines. 85, he’s not in good shape; struggles to walk, confused at night, the stroke ten years ago took his ability to speak. Of all the drugs that are forced upon him morning and night, one is toContinue reading “Something medical.”

On the basis

On the basis of not being able to write a full sentence About the homeless people I saw on the streets of Glasgow this week; It is probably easier for me to reflect my thoughts thus…   Costa* cups, the receptacles.   Drowsy men and women, some with swollen livers others, dead-eyed, sedated by opiateContinue reading “On the basis”


It’s odd.   When I try to write anything about my past – childhood or later years; It always comes-out like this.   I cannot seem to string a sentence together that reaches the end of the line; or, at least not consistently.   It is as if the past is encoded as fragments asContinue reading “Non-narrative”

Visiting times

I am sure I have written about this before, in relation to my thoughts about the whole visiting times situation in the UK. Thanks to the work of John’s Campaign, the status quo is being eroded and the wards are being unlocked. For me, I return to questioning where my passion for this came-from; IContinue reading “Visiting times”