I write with no agenda, let’s see what happens. Epstein, Maxwell & Gasprom effects on Yoda the tortoise.

I worry I shouldn’t have fed him (hibernation begins on an empty stomach) and yet, he appeared hungry.


I didn’t really know what I was doing Climbing Over a wall beneath The Acropolis.   Greek police were Shouting at me As I hid The pomegranate In my rucksack. xxx Granatas Aš tikrai nežinojo, ką darau Laipiojimas Virš siena po žeme Akropolis.   Graikijos policija buvo Šaukė prieš mane Aš paslėpiau Granatas Mano kuprinėje. (Lithuania)Continue reading “Pomegranate/Granatas/Granātābols/Granaatõun/Garnet”

Blogs, Poems, etc 2017

Rod’s Blogs, Poems, etc.  Table of Contents I search for meaning. 6 ‘Behavioural’ 8 10 Years. 10 10 years. 11 99+. 13 1559 days. 15 A response to Henry. 17 A tale of two times?. 18 Acute. 20 Advance Care Plan, Human Rights & I want what I want 23 alea iacta est 25 AllContinue reading “Blogs, Poems, etc 2017”