Key Safe

You’re safe; you have a key safe – a digital lock on the outside of your house to help the carers get-in. I heard this week that since Grenfell there has been a thing about the safety of key safes and they are now considered unsafe, perhaps providing too tempting a means of entry toContinue reading “Key Safe”


Thank you, Wendy for the comment to yesterday’s blog. You mentioned the close-shave in my awakening to the values. And, you are one hundred per cent correct. If the values are at odds, you can’t go anywhere. It is ironic, for within the NHS, values are so pivotal to everything that happens – the goodContinue reading “Values”

Dad, did you get the job?

No. It didn’t work-out again. I only had to wait three days to learn that the appointment was not mine. I am sure I could have been made to hang-on longer. But no; Monday until, today (Weds). And, The other guy got the job. Did better in the interview; Maintained his calm under fire. UnlikeContinue reading “Dad, did you get the job?”