Bob Ross, Happy and Unhappy accidents (healthcare and filler-TV)

I brought-up Bob when explaining to my colleagues the meaning of ‘happy accident’ – I was being flippant although the context was not.

Falls (Swiss cheese and serious harm)

I wonder What is the rule for hospital Inpatient falls.   I mean, There must be some Golden Rule That you can Work-out.   How many minor falls For every bad fall.   Bad being Broken hip, Brain bleed Death.   Interesting ratio to calculate.   ‘How many patients have fallen in your hospital inContinue reading “Falls (Swiss cheese and serious harm)”

Human Factors, space-time and Yiddishkeit

On Friday I attended the Yorkshire and Humber Patient Safety Collaborative ‘One Year On’ conference. A number of speakers from the region discussed the work they are doing to make predominantly hospitals, but all care in the wider sense, safer, less likely to result in inadvertent harm. Primum non nocere – first, do no harm,Continue reading “Human Factors, space-time and Yiddishkeit”