What is understood. Understood. Standing under. Capisce?

The humans built the tower to reach heaven or God and their punishment to forever live in perplexity, to hover above or alongside the dark matter.

In the darkness we wait.

I have a patient Who cannot read or write.   I have not yet Determined the reasons why; Whether circumstance situation or something else.   Nevertheless, He struggles with many activities that you or I would find Straightforward.   When I was explaining to him the other day About the dosing of Paracetamol, I realisedContinue reading “In the darkness we wait.”

Frailty. No.

I had intended this blog to focus on my planned trip to India in a couple of weeks; readers will have to wait. I want to talk about frailty. For those of you who haven’t kept-pace with my career moves over the past few months, I am now working on the Assessment Unit in RotherhamContinue reading “Frailty. No.”


I didn’t really know what I was doing Climbing Over a wall beneath The Acropolis.   Greek police were Shouting at me As I hid The pomegranate In my rucksack. xxx Granatas Aš tikrai nežinojo, ką darau Laipiojimas Virš siena po žeme Akropolis.   Graikijos policija buvo Šaukė prieš mane Aš paslėpiau Granatas Mano kuprinėje. (Lithuania)Continue reading “Pomegranate/Granatas/Granātābols/Granaatõun/Garnet”

I remember Uzi

Uzi Not just the name of a machine gun But also The name of a retired engineer Living in Ra’anana; Recently emigrated from Essex. I couldn’t For the life of me Understand the Hebrew mathematics. I somehow missed-out on the minus times minus And The minus times plus logic That today is second nature andContinue reading “I remember Uzi”