Innovation, oranges and the impossibility of happiness (Monday imaginings)

…the shape of hills, the movement of water, muscles and the eye, the mechanism of the woodpecker’s tongue, the development of the foetus, creation, innovation, perspective and momentum.


It’s odd.   When I try to write anything about my past – childhood or later years; It always comes-out like this.   I cannot seem to string a sentence together that reaches the end of the line; or, at least not consistently.   It is as if the past is encoded as fragments asContinue reading “Non-narrative”

Here is the place

Here is the place we set-off. Feral pack Looking for adventure along the dirt track which in rain would become red mud; Past the orchards and strawberry fields That are a story for another day.   Right, then left past the thistles and rusting fence, dried-out & dusty along the path.   We find aContinue reading “Here is the place”