Blogs, Poems, etc 2017

Rod’s Blogs, Poems, etc.  Table of Contents I search for meaning. 6 ‘Behavioural’ 8 10 Years. 10 10 years. 11 99+. 13 1559 days. 15 A response to Henry. 17 A tale of two times?. 18 Acute. 20 Advance Care Plan, Human Rights & I want what I want 23 alea iacta est 25 AllContinue reading “Blogs, Poems, etc 2017”

At nurse’s discretion

I have been struggling with this recently. Or, at least, some of my team have found this a tricky instruction and have become concerned. I’ll explain the context. Most recently this arose in relation to the care of some of my patients on the ward. You see, when a person passes through the doors ofContinue reading “At nurse’s discretion”