Say what you see.

Say what you see, not what you think, and definitely not what you think others see or perceive; translate the reality before you into clear, words, sentences and paragraphs. Take your time. There is no rush; if you wait a moment or two before expressing your conception, nothing will be lost. How often is itContinue reading “Say what you see.”

Are you looking at me?

I am trying to imagine What it is like to fall into a wormhole or perhaps topple into a black hole. Neither experience can be much fun, although, I gather with the wormhole, there is, even though very remote, the possibility of traveling in time and space, Whereas, with the black hole, It is justContinue reading “Are you looking at me?”

I may be right?

I think, probably, I know what I am doing. I agree with what you have said. Move in direction A, indicate, prognosticate, plan or decide; determine, direct, suggest or propose. This is how it should be; this is the solution. Yet, there is something inside of me, gnawing, making me question. Everything. Yes. Question whetherContinue reading “I may be right?”

Is it good if it feels bad?

Let me start with the premise – if something feels good, say, my dog’s smiling face when I return home from work, then surely this is a good thing; I feel happy, my dog is happy, (presupposing she has a sense of happiness) and the world moves-on. Now, let’s think of a scenario when IContinue reading “Is it good if it feels bad?”